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Lecture PerioSafe: New era off treatment for periodontitis
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Course: starting with oral implantology

The course starting with oral implantology is intended for the general practitioner who wants to learn to implant there patients themeselves. More and more patiens are asking for dental implants. This is why Implacademy offers this course. 
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  • Again a good argument not to wait for Bleeding on Probing but to use the Periosafe saliva test at an earlier stage. You may then be able to discover the development of periodontitis a few years earlier.
  • NZa promotes prevention of oral care: Official NZa code for preventive saliva test On Thursday 22 June 2017, the Dutch Healthcare Authority published the performances and rates for dentistry as of 1 January 2018. Most tariffs increase by 2.7%. For implantation treatments this is 2.6%, as well as for orthodontics. Furthermore, the NZa has announced that there will be an adjustment for the preventive code, M32.
  • Sometimes a peri-implant infection starts as an"peri-cementitis'. The primary cause of the inflammation is then cement and not plaque, because the cement remains in place under the crown.
  • Prof dr. F. Abbas (professor of periodontics University of Groningen) spoke at the CME conference about the Point-of-Care Diagnostics of periodontitis.
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